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How We're Different

The distinction between Eyes Up Soccer training jerseys and conventional training bibs lies in the strategic design and purpose behind each.

In the traditional setup, using standard training bibs, a player could potentially "cheat" by perceiving the color of a teammate or an opponent through their peripheral vision while their gaze is directed downwards. This mechanism, although subtle, can reinforce a poor habit of not maintaining optimal field vision.

Eyes Up Soccer addresses this issue innovatively. All players don identical jerseys with uniform color extending up to the chest area. This distinctive feature renders it challenging for a player to distinguish between a teammate and an opponent merely by looking down. Consequently, it necessitates lifting the gaze, scanning the field, and identifying the next strategic action.

This approach cultivates good habits in players by indirectly encouraging them to keep their vision 'eyes up' and stay alert to the dynamics of the game, enhancing their situational awareness and response times on the pitch.