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Love For The Game

With immense joy, I recall my days as an Arizona All-State high school player. Now, as a dedicated father to two promising young soccer enthusiasts—one a premier Flight 1 2013 player for TFA and the other a standout AYSO Region 88 U14 sectional all-star—I find my passion and commitment to deepening my understanding of the game and honing player development unceasingly intensifying.
In addition to being a USSF-licensed coach, I have undertaken coaching courses with Frans Hoek, who has notable associations with Manchester United, Barcelona, Bayern, and the Dutch National team. Moreover, I immersed myself in a comprehensive five-day coaching course in Barcelona. Having observed numerous players struggle with the pivotal skill of timely situational awareness on the field, I was compelled to ponder solutions that could significantly enhance this specific trait. It's with great enthusiasm that I introduce the Eyes Up Soccer training bibs—an innovative tool designed meticulously to expedite the mastering of this skill, thereby fostering superior decision-making and heightened player awareness. Our mission is not just about honing a skill, but sculpting the next generation of soccer maestros.

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Back From Barcelona

We recently embarked on a team trip, doubling as a coaching course, in Barcelona. Over the course of five days, our team rigorously trained and played four friendly matches. The striking difference between our team and those from Barcelona wasn't in terms of technical ability or physical prowess, but rather, it was in decision-making and speed of play. The teams we encountered were not necessarily bigger, faster, or stronger. Instead, they simply moved the ball quicker, showcased superior off-the-ball movement, and demonstrated a deeper understanding of their next action before even receiving the ball. Our Eyes Up Jerseys and scanning tools have been engineered with the purpose of enhancing these specific aspects of gameplay.

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